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About Us

Using contemporary technology, sport activities and hands on approach to learning, JEM presents Jewish history, values, and traditions in a manner that inspires visitors with an increased interest and involvement in their heritage and Jewish Identity. JEM caters to the masses, affecting the survival of the Jewish people as a nation.


Primarily the facility serves Pre High School children up to College and their families from all over the Los Angeles area. JEM is a resource model for Jewish education nationally and internationally.


Additionally, JEM provides a setting for non-Jewish children to gain a positive perspective and awareness of the Jewish heritage, fostering tolerance and understanding.


Mission Statement

The JEM Community Center was founded on Jewish Universal values. Our Mission is to Provide a safe all embracing community center for youth after school with guidance and mentors to build their character & channel their energy in a positive way through exciting sports, recreational, & educational activities while instilling moral values and tolerance thereby uniting all youth to become caring citizens & productive leaders of society, preventing drugs, violence, abuse, addictions, & todays modern calamities.


The Center is non denominational & welcomes everyone.


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