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Shabbat Services, Minyanim, and Torah Classes

Connecting to our Jewish Heritage

Shabbos Minyan 

Colorful Minyan open to Jews of all backgrounds both Friday Night (after Sunset) and Shabbat Day at 9:30AM, Beautiful Minyan, Krias HaTorah, Thought on the Weekly Torah Portion and a delcious Kiddush with Cholent (traditional Shabbat hot stew.) 


Anyone who needs a place to eat Friday Night Shabbos Seuda please call Rabbi Yossi Illulian at the JEM Community Center at (310) 772-0000.

Sunday Minayan and Breakfast 

Minyan starts 9:15 AM followed by Continental Breakfast and Tanya Class. 

Shiur - Torah Classes 

Sundays - 9:15 AM - Tanya Class

Mondays - 8:00 PM - Marriage and Raising Children

Tuesdays - 5:00 PM - Learn How to Read Hebrew 

Thursdays - Torah Portion in Hebrew 

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