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JEM Jewish Young Professional Basketball League Rules

Registration & Team Guidelines


  1. All teams Registration Deadline: September 16, 2018

  2. All Participants MUST be fully paid and registered before game 1. No additional add-ons after 2rd game of the season.

  3. MUST provide photo ID before each game to score keeper to match with team roster. Official Roster

  4. Each player MUST have league jersey for every game.  NO EXCEPTIONS

  5. Each team will have 7 players or more (Nothing less).

  6. High School graduates and above



Game Rules


  1. Two 20-minute halves.

  2. Last 2 minutes of the second half will stop on a dead ball.

  3. No double bonus. Only 1 and 1.

  4. Each team will be provided 3 time-outs (1 first half/2 second half)

  5. After the 6th team foul, player will be awarded 1 and 1 free throw. Team with 5 players, technical will be awarded on each foul.

  6. Technical Fouls: 2 free throws will be awarded and the possession. Player will sit for 2 minutes. 3 Technical fouls in the season will result in 1 game suspension.

  7. Forfeits: Opposing team will be awarded win. 2 Forfeits = Removal from league.

  8. Official League jerseys MUSTbe worn during all games. No Exceptions! If a player loses or forgets a jersey, he may play ONLY if he pays a $20 fee/game with no jersey.

  9. There will be a 7-minute grace period. After that, it will be a forfeit. If office is notified before game time, 1 substitute from the "league" (ONLY) can play. (Regular Season Only)


  1. All teams make the playoffs.

  2. Single elimination.

  3. Tie Breakers: If at the end of the season teams are tied with identical records, the first tiebreaker will be head to head competition. After that, it goes to points forced overall.

  4. All payers must be wearing team jerseys. NO EXCEPTIONS

  5. Championship team wins personal awards and dinner with Rabbi.


** In any case of physical altercations (fighting), league office will be notified and will declare consequences. Players may forfeit there remainder of season and will be suspended the following season. NO REFUNDS.

All cases will remain within JEM Community Center and its basketball organization.

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