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JEM: a place to grow healthy minds, bodies and spirits!

The JEM Community Center is well known for its NBA quality basketball court. In October, 2018 an aberrant windstorm struck the JEM Center. This anomaly revealed damage to the roof and ceiling above the gymnasium. An investigation found that years of precipitation compromised the building’s truss assembly causing this magnificent space to become temporarily unusable.

To restore this important community space, the JEM Center needs $250,000. Without your help, this space and the programs it houses may forever end.

When operational, the JEM Center’s basketball programs serve hundreds of young people and adults every week. The loss of this facility is painfully felt throughout our community because there is no other facility like it in the region – and until it is repaired the kids have nowhere else to go.

Your gift of any amount will help make our community whole again.

Please contact me at 310-772-0000 or at with any questions or concerns - or if you just want to know how you can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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